Two Men from Napoli

- Du00 -

Du00” is a unique designer brand, known for the highest quality and refined details and can be identified by the ‘00’ on every product, which symbolizes two men starting their brand from the very scratch. 

The founders Diego and Peppe, both born and raised in Napoli, were inspired by their hard working families and the authentic Neapolitan artisans to do what they are doing today. The primary objectives of “Du00” are to share the great beauty and value of Napoli through their designs and share a part of the history of the founders as well. 

- D i e g o -

Before he knew it, was already a working man. Working hard was the most inspiring thing he saw as a little kid.

- P e p p e -

Was born in a family of Italian shoe traders, and already at that time, his favorite toy was a handmade shoe.

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